Domestic violence and the “abusive monster”/“weak woman” labels

Throughout our efforts to develop safe and effective domestic violence treatment options, the Center on Violence and Recovery has remained critical of stereotypical conceptualizations related to incidents, perpetrators, and victims of domestic abuse. In the above piece, Pop Feminist blogger Naira Ruiz addresses the harms created by such conceptualizations—namely, through the pathologizing of victims who stay in abusive relationships and the minimizing of violence which is not overt and physical.

The Pop Feminist

It was a graphic reminder that domestic abuse can occur in any family. Last week, several news outlets published photographs of Nigella Lawson looking distraught as her husband, Charles Saatchi, grabbed her neck. After the photos came out, it was widely reported that the celebrity food writer had moved out of the home she and Saatchi shared and he eventually accepted police ­caution over his abusive behavior.

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